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  • Tonus™ Maximiser Board
  • Tonus™ Maximiser Board
  • Tonus™ Maximiser Board
  • Tonus™ Maximiser Board
  • Tonus™ Maximiser Board
  • Tonus™ Maximiser Board
  • Tonus™ Maximiser Board

Tonus™ Maximiser Board

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     If you want to have the perfect push up in any position this Tonus Maximiser Board is for you.

    ✅ High Quality: One push up board and two handles are made of high-density ABS material, which is tough and not easy to break or damage, and is durable.


    ✅ Multifunction: Push up Board is a versatile color-coded push-up board system. Different color-coded target specific muscles. The two handles can be switched to multiple positions and angles to exercise the upper body muscle groups. Burn calories and lose weight for effective physical training.

    Non-slip Handle: The handles are non-slip design to ensure comfortable and safe movement. The intimately equipped handle covers allow you to strengthen your sports and care for your hands. Suitable for all men and women, boys and girls.

    ✅ Foldable: Foldable design, small in size, easy to carry and store. You can take it with you anywhere, such as home, office, school, and park outdoors, etc. Meet your fitness needs anytime, anywhere.


    ✅ Upper Body Exercises: The upgraded 12-in-1 design is extremely simple and easy to use, just plug the handle into the desired color-coded position and use it to help shape and maximize your chest, shoulders, back and triceps. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, it will help you achieve your goals.


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    Product description:

    Product Material: ABS Plastic

    Product Dimensions: 78 x 20cm

    Product Weight: 1.2kg

    Color: Black

    Purpose: Exercise muscles of chest, shoulders, back and triceps.

    Please do proper warm-up exercises before a fitness to achieve the best results of exercise;

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    Tonus™ Maximiser Board