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There is a moment when all of
the pieces suddenly come together
and a project springs to life. It’s the instant
zing of adrenaline that tells you your idea is
not just good...it is great.

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Have a new idea and not sure
how to bring it to life? Need to take
a project to the next level of creativity?
Want to freshen things up a bit? Imagination,
Ideation and Design. That is what we do.

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Staying on top of the latest
design news from around the world
is imperative to delivering imaginative
design solutions. Stay connected with design
insights from every corner of the globe.

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About Centric

+ Who Is Centric?

We are thinkers. Our clients rely on us to craft stories, visualize ideas and deliver messages to their desired audiences.

We are pushing the reset button on imagination and creativity to reinvigorate the energy within the Creative Process. Would you like to know more about what we do and how we get it done?

Let's talk…


+ What Is Centric?

Centric Creative is an idea driven creative consultancy based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 2007, we pride ourselves on our ability to pair clients with trusted, hand-picked creative teams. Working collaboratively, we understand the problems and then challenge the possibilities that inherently reside in each and every project. It is through this collaboration that we are able to create such unique and exciting ideas.

Why do we do what we do? It’s simple… we feed off of the energy generated when a client’s goals and ambitions meld with our ideas to form amazing solutions to specific problems. The end result?

We will let you judge that for yourself.

  • 2012 • Event Marketing Awards
    Ex Award - Best Mobile Marketing Campaign of 2011

  • 2011 • Summit International Creative Awards
    17th Annual Creative Awards - Silver - Best Microsite

  • 2008 • Published Work | Exhibitor Magazine
    Temple Inland Display - November 2008

  • 2012 • Event Marketing Awards
    Gold - Best Vehicle Design

  • 2009 • Summit International Creative Awards
    15th Annual Creative Awards - Bronze - Best Display Design


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Mailing Address:

Centric Creative
671 Main Street Suite 100C
Suwanee, Georgia 30024 USA
Main: (1) 770.271.3410

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